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Since reaching my goal weight in my wedding (I dropped 25 pounds!), I have been maintaining my body within the last 2 yrs with better eating routine, weight training, and running. Then I received an offer to test a brand new in-office laser body-contouring treatment called SculpSure. During my tenure […]

Some individuals have soulmates, but Ben and Maria Landers?call themselves “swolemates.” The couple collectively lost 200 pounds, that is a major?achievement by itself. But here’s the astonishing?thing: Their diet program success?is what brought them together.?If not for the individual weight-loss?journeys each one of these embarked on halfway across the world […]

There happen to be numerous carb trends lately, from diets that cut way back on?them (for example?paleo, pegan, and keto) to carb cycling?(a strategy that alternates lower-carb and higher-carb days). Now there’s carb back-loading, which-in a nutshell-entails eating much of your carbs at night. The theory behind?carb back-loading is dependant […]

2018 was a year full of diet fads. And due to Google, we know?which diets rank because the most popular in the last Twelve months, based on how often these were searched. Exactly what do the numbers inform us about how-and what-we’ve been eating?this season??A lot of us hopped?on the […]