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You’ve probably heard that when you lose weight quickly, it’s usually water weight. Or maybe you point fingers at water weight after stepping around the scale when you’re feeling?totally bloated. But just what is water weightCand how do you eliminate it? Water weight happens when fluid collects in your tissues, […]

Meghan Lenss?accustomed to love?eating Hot Cheetos and sipping frappuccinos. In fact, the?26-year-old from Riverside, California?ate?fast food every day. However when her weight reached 300 pounds in January 2017, she?chose to adopt a healthier lifestyle.? Now, annually . 5 later, she’s celebrating her 130-pound weight reduction. Late recently, she shared a […]

We’re always scrolling through?before-and-after weight loss transformations, surprised about how much fitter?a person can become if they make living healthier part of their lifestyle. Only one woman’s candid Instagram post about her journey was especially relatable. Rather than celebrating her effort to get in shape, Dallas-based graphic artist Sierra Miller […]

Lots of people these days are interested in the ketogenic diet: It’s probably the most Googled weight-loss terms, and celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have touted its supposed benefits. However the high-fat, low-carbohydrate eating plan is not without its drawbacks. Experts warn that the weight loss program is extremely restrictive and […]