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There is a lot to celebrate this June-Father’s Day and International Yoga Day. The International Yoga Day was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and identified by the N’t. Preparations during the day were arrived in 2009 and the celebrations were held at Delhi’s Rajpath. The movement was quite widespread […]

Meghan Lenss?accustomed to love?eating Hot Cheetos and sipping frappuccinos. In fact, the?26-year-old from Riverside, California?ate?fast food every day. However when her weight reached 300 pounds in January 2017, she?chose to adopt a healthier lifestyle.? Now, annually . 5 later, she’s celebrating her 130-pound weight reduction. Late recently, she shared a […]

Rashida Jones has got the three b’s: brains, beauty along with a banging body-especially those long, strong legs. So how does the Parks and Recreation alum, who lends her voice to the animated film B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations this month, sculpt those stems? With Squat Lifts, says Tafiq Akhir, […]

To stretch or not to stretch? That is the time tested question. Youa??ve heard it all. Stretch before your workout. Stretch after your workout. Stretch between each set. Dona??t stretch whatsoever. But it is simply not too simple. With all the confusing recommendations out there, how do you know whata??s […]

Tobacco companies must submit any products introduced or changes since early 2007 for review through the Fda (FDA) under new guidelines introduced by the united states regulatory agency on Wednesday. Under the new regulations, manufacturers have until March 22 to prove the cigarettes and other cigarettes and tobacco products they […]

Nearly A quarter of all Americans taking antidepressants have never received any diagnosis from the specialist for just about any conditions the drugs are used to treat, according to new information in the University of Manitoba. Researchers state that millions of people might be taking medicines that have no proven […]

This recipe gets healthier because of fiber-rich whole grain products and natural sweetness from pure maple syrup. Ingredients 1 cup white whole-wheat flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 4 ounces cream cheese, cold 8 tablespoons plus 2 tsp. unsalted butter, cold, cut into small pieces 3 tablespoons maple syrup 1 1/2 pounds […]

We’re always scrolling through?before-and-after weight loss transformations, surprised about how much fitter?a person can become if they make living healthier part of their lifestyle. Only one woman’s candid Instagram post about her journey was especially relatable. Rather than celebrating her effort to get in shape, Dallas-based graphic artist Sierra Miller […]

Bathing suit season is officially upon?us. As well as for many, the struggle to get rid of a muffin top is frustratingly real.That’s because those?little pockets of fat can be very difficult to eliminate, pro boxer?Laili Ali?tells PEOPLE. Essentially, the battle against the unflattering bulge comes down to eating well […]

June 21st is International Yoga Day Yoga can control diabetes or even cure it, Pm Narendra Modi said on Tuesday. Addressing a conference of yoga enthusiasts here, the optimal minister said a public movement must be started through yoga to battle the issue of diabetes inside our country. He urged […]