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Living a fitter along with a healthier life includes eating properly and rehearse. 145 occasions of a fitter along with a healthier life will provide you with different of confidence. Morning–Exercising each morning possesses its own benefits. It doesn’t help keep you fit, the rush of endorphins you can get […]

Researchers with the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in Boston University (USA) have determined that ‘Hatha yoga is often a promising way for treating anxiety’. An abstract of the article ‘Effect of Hatha Yoga on Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis’ published online at Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine dated May 20, stated: […]

Title: Yoga and Diet for Ailments; Author: Bijoylaxmi Hota; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 296; Price: Rs. 295. If yoga has broken all barriers — transcendental along with geographical — recently and is particularly bringing a lot of people globally into its fold for maintaining health and staying fit, it truly is […]

It’s the latest dy and?a new start yet again. When you are feeling lazy or bored to turbo-charge your worktime?which includes a run or jog, start your worktime with chanting OM. Decide on a comfortable corner of your dwelling and begin to chant OM with your breathing in sync. Chanting […]

Many believe pursuing the routine can be be extremely boring, but that’s not necessarily true. Doing similar things everyday for your brief stretch of time will bring a great deal of pleasure. It may change the way you function and even provide you with a new perspective? about life. Morning–Stretching […]