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First off, yep, we’re just like shocked while you that fitness pole-dancing competitions exist. Turns out, there is a whole community of pole dancing athletes vying for championship titles. And while you might imagine it’s all regulated a lot of 20-somethings twisting and turning (company, there are plenty of these), […]

To stretch or not to stretch? That is the time tested question. Youa??ve heard it all. Stretch before your workout. Stretch after your workout. Stretch between each set. Dona??t stretch whatsoever. But it is simply not too simple. With all the confusing recommendations out there, how do you know whata??s […]

Rashida Jones has got the three b’s: brains, beauty along with a banging body-especially those long, strong legs. So how does the Parks and Recreation alum, who lends her voice to the animated film B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations this month, sculpt those stems? With Squat Lifts, says Tafiq Akhir, […]

Bathing suit season is officially upon?us. As well as for many, the struggle to get rid of a muffin top is frustratingly real.That’s because those?little pockets of fat can be very difficult to eliminate, pro boxer?Laili Ali?tells PEOPLE. Essentially, the battle against the unflattering bulge comes down to eating well […]

The push-up is among the most overlooked exercises within the metaphorical exercise book. Sure, it looks pretty easy? and most of us know the basics: heels together, wrists underneath shoulders, bend and press your elbows, and voila, a move that actually works your physique pretty much. But there are certain […]

Wouldna??t it be nice to possess every day be one of those a??perfecta?? days? You realize, the type of day that includes a peaceful walk in the park, a heart-pounding workout, a playful couple of hours with the kids, and healthy, delicious eats each and every meala??all the great stuff, […]

? Running a half-marathon is all the rage these days, especially among women. Actually, a recent Running USA Report says 13.1 may be the fastest-growing race distance. In addition, in 2014, the ladies made up 61 percent of the field. So why are women rushing towards the starting line? “We […]

When you are looking at your health, there aren’t many absolutes. But that’s incorrect with sleep and use. You need both, period. “I couldn’t choose between the two,” says Edward Laskowski, MD, a resident and professor of physical medicine at Mayo Clinic. “Sleep and exercise are just like water and […]